Top One Percent Domain Name Auctions
Top One Percent Domain Name Auctions,”” is a platform to buy and sell premium domain names at the very peak of the industry. These are domain names so high in demand in that prices open at a seven-figure sum of $1,000,000. Auctions run over the course of seven days. Pre-registration to our service is a must. to sign up go to  Once an opening bid of One Million Dollars has been placed on a domain name  the auction will begin and all investors who have pre-registered will be notified Immediately.

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Why Invest In A Premium Domain Name
A strong domain name establishes your business online. One well-chosen domain sets your company apart from the competition. Premium domain names guarantee a base-level of traffic from Google and other search engines, as a strong domain provides the highest level of SEO value. Besides the free traffic from a premium domain, top-level domains signify your company is professional and suited to a user’s or customer’s needs.
Domain names, especially those which are unique, directly related to a business, or usable for established or emerging businesses, are worth millions of dollars. Top1dna offers an easy-to-use system to market and sell your domain names, handled by our team of experts who share and market the addresses across a wide range of aggregate websites.
How Top One Percent Domain Name Auctions “Top1dna” Helps You Sell Your Premium Domain Names?
Finding a buyer for your domain isn’t easy. The process usually involves emailing dozens upon dozens of different companies. There’s no guarantee that a business will be interested in your domain even after this hard work. Leave it to Top1dna to connect you and a buyer for your premium domain.
There is a market out there for premium domains. Established businesses and new businesses alike are always on the lookout for ways to improve their internet presence. We use advertising across a range of platforms and utilize aggregate systems to provide maximum exposure for the domain names in your portfolio.
Investing And Selling Via Top One Percent Domain Name Auctions “Top1dna”
Our database of top one-percent domain names (on Top1dna) only accepts ultra-premium addresses. Our listings start at one million dollars as a base price. Domain investors interested in selling their domain names, and believe they have a name which qualifies for this premium domain marketplace, can get in touch with us at [email protected] Please include the reasoning behind why you believe your domain is qualified for auctioning at a prime price.


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Top1DNA works to shift the ways businesses invest in, integrate, and innovate technology solutions
For matching your domain name with a buyer, Top1dna charges a 10% fee on the sale.

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